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VND Demo Two
Recorded live in studio,
vocals seperate for gear reasons
Shabby Road 16/04/2017


released May 5, 2017

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mike
VND are Mike, Pete, Brenden and Jenny


tags: rock Glasgow


all rights reserved


Visceral Noise Department Glasgow, UK

4 piece playing heavy music inspired by grunge, folk, doom, psychedelic and blues rock.

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Track Name: The Battle of George Square
They returned from war
Come back home to what
With minds aged from battle
And still led like cattle

Call out liars and beg no more
Destroy landlords
Break your chains

Labour has no voice
With restricted choice
One day they'll be victors
Until then life's vicious

Track Name: Let Them Eat More Cake
Sympathy from all but me,
Just for that elevated sense of worth
Break the mould, you've been told,
That your initiative is now allowed
Kings and queens, for all to see,
Sent from a legislated Al Capone
Sell yourself just for rent

Accept yourself as nothing new
That world you see is not for you
Sell yourself expecting to, be free

Help yourself, noone will,
Die on the first step of your door
Theres too much choice, it's a curse,
Just eat another brown bowl of dirt

Self improve, but not today,
Less than a minute spent every year
Hurt yourself, and let me see

Worry not, take the route,
You're only ever gonna lose your way
Stay at home, where it's safe,
Nothing but a burden going out your door accept your fate, eat your cake,
No one's gonna care or even bat an eye
Try to run and make me laugh

Wheres the fight they've made it go away Empty nights now they've robber your glory Day they've no right to take your voice away What to write now you've turned away
Track Name: Fetishising Struggle
Kid on your life's a struggle,
A parody of somebody else,
Your problems are your creations
'cause you believe that character comes and grows
From struggle​

Everyone else is fed up,
You fetishised their own misery 'cause you are
Bored to tears with having it easy and you have
No ideas and nowhere to go
So you crave a struggle

You've got it easy
They need more
It's just that simple
Kill the lies
Track Name: Cornfed
Do you remember when you were a child
And it was dark
That unescaping fear that led you here
And in a rut

Somehow they have told you,
That you're better than you really are,
And all the while you fade

You're leaving me open mouthed,
I sigh and pray a little harder,
Bereft by pride, unashamed,
And rare in ways that do not matter
You've never like foreign ways
To you they seem a bitter pill
To swallow now hoard regret and sail

You're easily understood,
So crimes of life mean very little,
I've seen you cry,
You're a waste of care
And so have noone new
To give you life in the hope
You'll change and love a little better,
Look at me I've evolved as well
Track Name: Crazy 9
I want her
I need her
The perfect wife

Must find her
Without her
No perfect life

My high score
Will falter
Without the prize

She's perfect
A full ten
But crazy man

So let me win
Again and again
Let me win
Or I won't play
Track Name: Wasted
The inner city has a bright light
What makes you think it shines for us
The hand of god is making mistakes
I think that we are one of those

I just wanna get wasted
I just wanna get fucked
I just wanna get wasted
I just wanna get fucked
Track Name: Sundowning
All the little things went somewhere
The sun goes down again, corrupting memories

But it’s alright,
Everyone’s alright,
Fade away
Does it make you sad
It’s a nice day to go out

Build a boat and sail away
Safe to leave behind the little things
I’m falling down inside my head I’m sailing
The sun goes down, the sand runs out
Sail, fade